Monday, 24 June 2013

Divya Marathi Brings Latest News of Various Cities for Daily News Seekers

Divya Marathi is a well renowned Marathi newspaper in India which allows readers to get daily news of Pune, Aurangabad news and much more. This Marathi paper has an online version where one can find all the current news related to Nagpur University, education, etc. This e-paper focuses on to fulfill all the needs and specifications of its readers and also for those who are looking for Marathi news papers online. From daily business news to political news, Aurangabad news to Pune news, Bollywood news to Hollywood news, travel to health, it covers all latest news and updates from almost all aspects of our day-to-day lives. Some of the columns featured in this Marathi newspaper are National news, Editorial column, International news, Maharashtra news, entertainment news, news from celebrities and many others.

Also, it’s a great way to have all current news and updates in Marathi language for all Marathi lovers and will be more exciting for those who wish to read newspapers online. One can read this Marathi e-paper while sitting at home or at workplaces with utmost ease and comfort. Moreover, Divya Marathi newspaper is a great source to emphasize native language i.e. Marathi to Maharashtra people. Apart from this, this highly recognized Marathi paper focuses on to show all relevant news related to Nagpur University which gives opportunity to students to explore amazing career opportunities easily and conveniently through its online version. Above all, this newspaper has been launched by the highly reliable Dainik Bhaskar group which gives credibility to Divya Marathi paper.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Divya Marathi Shares Live National and International Affairs among Its Readers

Divya Marathi has been considered among one of the recognized daily Marathi news paper in and around India which allows readers to get latest national and international news in Marathi language. This Marathi newspaper has also introduced an online version to meet the specific needs and requirements of online audience. Divya Marathi newspaper has seen a huge demand in Hindu religion and has a broad readership on the internet. This newspaper has a lot to offer in terms of news to its readers as it shares current news on wide variety of topics. Also, it covers various cities ranging from Maharashtra to Aurangabad, Mumbai to Pune, Thane to Solanpur, and many others along with the diverse range of topics which ranges from Bollywood to Hollywood, National news to International news, and much more.

Moreover, Divya Marathi paper keeps its audience up-to-date with latest news updates and current happenings occurring in and around the World. Also this e-paper covers news from different segments like fun, entertainment, daily love horoscope, lifestyle, photos, games, travel, health and much more. This newspaper also has a special editorial column in which readers can find relevant reviews of its most prominent editor Mr. Kumar Ketkar. Apart from this, Bollywood lovers can rate their favorite stars for being nominated for upcoming Dainik Bhaskar Bollywood awards. Therefore, people can easily explore this daily Marathi newspaper to get information about their daily love horoscope, current happenings, movie reviews, travel and tourism and much more.

Above all, this unbiased newspaper has been launched by the highly reliable Dainik Bhaskar group and shares live news related to national and international affairs. Divya Marathi also has a huge number of followers’ especially in Hindu religion and settled in India as well.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Get Latest News of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra at

Being the leading Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra and because of strong holding of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, Divya Marathi covers almost all the recent news and happenings of Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena is a Hindu nationalist political organization which was founded by political cartoonist Balasaheb Thackeray in 1996. At present, Shiv Sena is being headed by Thackeray's son, Uddhav Thackeray.

The online version of Divya Marathi,, shares almost all latest news on politics from India in Marathi. Being primarily focused to Maharashtra, the newspaper gives close attention to politics of Maharashtra.

The readers will get latest Sharad Pawar news to Center’s proactive role in the development of Maharashtra and other significant political issues. One can read news on current political issues as well as articles and views of the political experts by just one mouse click. Divya Marathi’s online version has received good response from online Marathi news seekers. With this online Marathi newspaper, all news updates today are easily accessible on smart phones, tablets, computers and other smart devices. 

Most recently, the Marathi daily has covered all news updates of Maharashtra news politics. From Sharad Pawar news to expanding dominancy of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra all updates are available at Besides, readers can also explore latest information on current events, sports, entertainments, tourism, movies, travel, fashion, business news and much more on the online version of Divya Marathi.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Marathi Readers Get Latest News in Maharashtra at Divya Marathi

After securing a strong reader connects within Maharashtra, Divya Marathi is continuously experiencing an unprecedented success. With the impressive circulation of 3.75 lakh copies, Divya Marathi provides complete central Maharashtra coverage across districts and towns such as Auranagabad, Nashik, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Osamabad, Jalna and Beed. This online newspaper is experiencing accelerated growth because it is created with a vision of ‘by the readers for the reader’.

Apart from featuring latest news in Maharashtra, the website offers a blend of daily national and international news. The readers also get the opportunity to get news from various genres including business, sports, Bollywood, entertainment, life style, science and technology, latest gadgets and much more. The paper gives higher significance to instant updates and recent happenings which ensures minute updates to the readers on all latest issues. 

The Marathi daily also offers specialized supplements which are highly focused to meet specific needs of the readers. The supplements of Divya Marathi are Divya City, DB Star, Rasik and Divya Education and Madhurima. 

The wide spread population of Marathi speaking community worldwide compelled the DB Group, the owner of Dainik Bhaskar, to serve the technology-savvy Marathi belt of the country with the launch of a online newspaper. Divya Marathi epaper can easily be accessed from all the electronic gadgets including smart phones, tablets, iPhones, laptops etc. via internet. Moreover, all the news coverage from Divya Marathi is also available via mobile service. 

Recognized as an unbiased Marathi newspaper, Divya Marathi has a huge number of followers in Marathi speaking communities settled across India.

Friday, 26 April 2013

News Live Keep People In Touch With the World

Newspapers keep us in touch with the current happenings in the world.  Most people begin their day with a glance at the local newspaper.  Since newspapers cover all aspects of life like cultural events, national and international politics, sports, and entertainment, it caters to the interests of the different members in the family.  Many newspapers also have a children’s section to interest the younger members of the family.  The editorials and articles by eminent personalities help to give detailed information about current happenings at national and international levels.  There are regional newspapers published in regional languages like the Sakal newspaper and the Sakal epaper.  While these papers stress a lot on regional issues and concerns, they also touch upon national and international affairs, thus keeping the people in the interiors update on current affairs. 

News live brings to people events and happenings as it happens, continuously usually through TV news channels and supported by online and regular newspapers.  Usually the most sensational or the most important news of the day is covered live like, for example the annual budget presentation in the Houses of Parliament.  Business news updates are important for people who work in stocks and shares.  Information on the business climates of different companies is necessary to make a sound and informed investment.  Business news also covers information about interest rates, decisions by the highest government financial bodies like the RBI, takeover and merging of companies, appointment of business heads, and so on.  Business news updates keeps people in touch with market movements and market flow.

Importance of Newspapers in Daily Life

Newspapers are an integral part of one’s life, be it online newspapers or newspapers delivered at our doorsteps each morning.  Newspapers keep us in touch with what is happening all over the world.  Different sheets of a newspaper are dedicated to different areas of life like politics-internal and international, current events, science and technology, sports, cultural events, and so on.  There are special pages dedicated to advertisements of jobs and sales in the city.  Aurangabad is a city in Maharashtra named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb.  Aurangabad news is important to the people living there to keep abreast of all the happenings in this fast growing city.  Being an important tourist hub in Maharashtra, local newspapers keep visitors aware of the entertainment programs in the city.  Nashik is known for its grapes and onions and is the third largest city in Maharashtra. 

Nashik news covers information about its weather, economic developments as well as current events among other things.  Nashik is situated along the banks of the Godavari.  The people are extremely protective of the environment and the garbage disposal system is so well organized, this has become an almost garbage dump free city.  Mumbai news covers all aspects of economic developments in this economic capital of India.  All the important financial institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, the National Stock Exchange of India, the SEBI are headquartered in Mumbai.  It is also the entertainment capital of India besides housing India’s most prestigious scientific and nuclear institutions like the BARC and AERB.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Online Newspaper for Instant Pune News

If you want instant updates of Pune news, subscribing for online newspapers have now emerged as most popular means of sharing news. An online newspaper is usually online edition of a published newspaper. With the growing demand of online newspaper, nowadays almost all renowned published newspapers are turning online. Besides, newspapers subscribed in English and Hindi, there is a huge demand for regional newspapers as well. For instance, if you want to read Pune news in Marathi, you can easily browse for online Marathi newspapers.

These newspapers share all national and global news in Marathi. Nowadays, such regional newspapers are receiving tremendous response from the audience. People are finding it more easy and interesting to get latest updates of the world in Marathi. It is easy to access daily news through internet over various smart devices such as smart phones, laptops etc. From Mumbai news to Pune news and from Bollywood gossips to political news, these online newspapers shares news on varied topics. You can also check out live cricket updates, play free online games and get latest Bollywood and Hollywood gossips in your own language by merely browsing for regional online newspapers anytime anywhere.